I've set up AutoDJ, but my source refuses to connect after restarting the stream

Problem Description

If you've already enabled AutoDJ and configured your default rotation playlist, but starting your stream does not turn on AutoDJ this can be due to your relay configuration. With Centova, when you've configured a relay, the remote stream will take precedence as the source over your AutoDJ. As a result of this, restarting your stream will cause your server to reach out and attempt to find the remote stream as a source, rather than enable AutoDJ as you've configured it.

The Fix

To remedy this problem you will need to remove all relaying configuration in Centova. Here's how!

  1. Login to your Client Centre account, then choose the "Login to Centova" button under the radio plan for which you're encountering this problem.
  2. Choose "Configure Server" then select the Relaying tab
  3. If there are any values under "Stream server" or "Stream port", remove them and click the "Update" button.
  4. Choose Restart Server
Assuming you have configured AutoDJ correctly, once the server has restarted it will automatically connect your AutoDJ source and your stream will be live!

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