I changed my password in CentovaCast but now cannot connect to stream

There are two passwords that you can configure in CentovaCast: your Source password as well as your Administrator password. The Source password is the password you will require to connect to the server from your source software. This could be WinAMP with the SHOUTcast DSP plugin or it could be a radio-specific app like SAM Broadcaster. The Administrator password is the one you use to login to CentovaCast.

If you have changed your password, but now cannot connect with your source software and your new password, you likely changed the Administrator password, but not the Source password. Please login to CentovaCast using your new password and update the Source password configuratoin option rather than the Administrator password.

If you wish to keep the new Administrator password, please ensure your client centre account is kept up to date! Click the "Manage" button beside your SHOUTcast plan and update the password to the new one.

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