How do I upgrade or downgrade my service?

If you want to upgrade or downgrade your VPS to another plan, please follow the steps below.
  1. Log into the Client Area
  2. Go to Services -> My Services
  3. Click View details on the product you wish to upgrade/downgrade
  4. Select Management Actions > Upgrade/Downgrade
  5. Click on the plan you wish to change to and complete the order
You will receive an invoice for the for the remainder of your current billing period. After successful payment, we will manually upgrade your VPS within a few hours and then you will have to resize your disk partition using the GParted LiveCD ISO.
You can find a detailed guide on how to resize your partition(s) using GParted on our wiki:
If you're not comfortable going through the above process, please open a ticket with support and allow 24 hours for us to perform the work. Please note though, that we are not responsible for any data loss as a result of partition resizing.
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