An emergency reboot was performed on SSDKVM02NL a few minutes ago. Unfortunately there was a process running up the CPU load to several times it's capacity and we are unable to stop it manually. Because of this we had to issue an emergency reboot in order to prevent potential performance issues to your VPSes. Total downtime was less than 5 ... Read More »

18th Jun 2013
SolusVM disabled

As a precaution we have disabled client access to the SolusVM panel until further notice. We will restore service to it as soon as we believe everything is safe. We are investigating a potential vulnerability as there are several exploits in the wild and we want to make sure that our client's servers remain safe. Operation of your servers has not ... Read More »

18th Jun 2013
Server Down - SATAKVM01DE

Server SATAKVM01DE is currently not responding. We're working with the datacenter to get the server up and running as soon as possible.Update @ 16:35: Server is up again.Update @ 16:40: A failed SATA disk on the RAID10 array has been found, and a disk replacement has been scheduled. Increased load will be resolved after the rebuild process has ... Read More »

7th Jun 2013