We'll be rolling out an update for R1Soft/Idera Server Backup Manager within the next couple of hours.
No action is required on your part; however, please note that during the upgrade we will disable all backup policies and will re-enabled them once the upgrade has finished.

  • Server Backup Manager now can generate an alert when the backup for a server is older than a specified number of days.
  • Server Backup Agent now supports Windows Server 2012 R2 installations.
  • Server Backup Manager API getRecoveryPointByID now includes device state.
  • Server Backup Manager now allows you to create the Quota Reached Report which will alert when a disk safe is approaching the set quota. In order for this option to be available, you must have a volume and disk safe that include quotas.

  • Server Backup allows the user to set an option to revert change block ordering back to the format used in version 5.2.2. This update significantly improves backup performance with aging disk safes. Note that this option is not necessary with fresh installations of Server Backup 5.4.3. You can change the option by finding the last 'additional' line in server.conf file (for example "additional.17..."), and then adding the following line, "additional.18=-Dold.insert=1". You must then restart the Server Backup Manager Service.
  • An issue causing some users to see only a file instead of a folder when attempting to browse/restore from a recovery point created from an NTFS file system is resolved.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

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