May 19th SSDKVM03NL Reboot [Resolved]

VPSs on SSDKVM03NL experienced a 18m downtime tonight at 12:51am UTC due to a CPU lockup on the host node.The server had to be manually rebooted, which ruined it's 1-year & 21-day uptime. All VMs are now back up and running.We're very sorry for the inconvenience, please don't hessitate to open a ticket with support if you have any ... Read More »

Mar 17th MySQL down on [Resolved]

We're currently investigating a MySQL server issue on web1.fusioned.netUpdate @ 18:49: Services have been restored.Update @ 19:14: We are still experiencing technical troubles which are causing instability of service. An investigation is in progress and it's possible that your sites may not be accessible for short periods of time (1-5 minutes) ... Read More »

Mar 8th Network Connectivity Issues in NL [Resolved]

We're currently investigating network connectivity issues in NL. Update @ 00:15 UTC: Network connectivity is back online. Total downtime was 9 minutes. RFO from upstream: ===================================== Hello, One of our routers in our virtual-chassis reloaded unexpected and booted up with a different firmware version (the firmware at ... Read More »

Feb 27th Emergency Network Maintenance

We just received the following emergency network maintenance notification from our upstream: --------------------------------- We're currently experiencing issues with specific IP addresses not being able to leave our network. We were able to apply a workaround to make these IP addresses work again. This workaround should give us time to ... Read More »

Dec 19th R1Soft CDP Server Maintenance

We will be upgrading our R1Soft CDP servers to CentOS 6.5 during the early hours of Saturday December 21st (between 1AM and 2AM UTC).
During that timeframe, all R1Soft policies will be temporarily stopped/disabled. Service will resume after the OS upgrade has been completed.

Dec 2nd Emergency Reboot on SATAKVM01DE


SATAKVM01DE is experiencing some CPU lock ups, so we are going to reboot it shortly to restore service to normal. We apologize for the inconvenience.

George T.

Nov 18th [Maintenance] Firmware upgrade Core Network

We would like to inform you about the following maintenance that is going to be carried out by the uplink provider.Maintenance window start: Wednesday, 20-Nov-13 06:00:00 CETMaintenance window end: Wednesday, 20-Nov-13 07:00:00 CETService(s) affected--------------------* All network related servicesImpact--------------------* Core Router 1 reload* ... Read More »

Nov 16th Idera Server Backup Manager Upgrade to v5.4.3

Hello, We'll be rolling out an update for R1Soft/Idera Server Backup Manager within the next couple of hours. No action is required on your part; however, please note that during the upgrade we will disable all backup policies and will re-enabled them once the upgrade has finished. NEW FEATURES Server Backup Manager now can generate an alert ... Read More »

Oct 29th Idera Server Backup Manager Maintenance

While a RAID resync is being performed on, we will be shutting down the Idera Server Backup Manager software in order to reduce I/O usage and speedup the process.

Backup policies will be halted for about 12h and will be automatically restored as soon as the resync has completed.

Oct 25th SATAKVM01DE Reboot

We are rebooting SATAKVM01DE and troubleshooting after it has become unresponsive.